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Patient Info

At Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality International Hospital, we understand that quality patient care goes beyond providing latest medical and surgical treatments; it needs to be further supported by other amenities and facilities to minimize inconvenience for both patients and their caregivers. After all, illnesses are stressful situations not just for patients but for their families as well. It is the attending hospital’s duty to ensure that no further stresses are added to their hospital visits and/or stays. That’s why, we focus not just on delivering the latest ENT healthcare treatments through our highly qualified team of doctors and paramedics, we also take due care to make your hospital visit and/or stay experience as comfortable, convenient and hassle-free as possible.

We have lined up an impressive array of facilities and amenities that make Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality International Hospital a benchmark setter in quality healthcare at all fronts.
Here is a brief look at some of these facilities and amenities:

Outpatient Departments (OPDs)
7 ultra-modern super specialty outpatient departments spread over 4000 sq ft of centrally air conditioned and very comfortable waiting areas.  Read more..

24x7 Casualty Department
24x7 on-call emergency services from ENT specialists and paramedics, supported by latest lifesaving equipment to handle any ENT-related casualty needs. Read more..

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
24x7 on-call emergency services from ENT specialists and paramedics, supported by latest lifesaving equipment to handle any ENT-related casualty needs. Read more..

Operation Theatres (OTs) 
An ultra modern Operation Theatre Complex with 3 hi-tech OTs supported by laminar airflow for infection minimization and optimal patient recovery. Read more..

Inpatient rooms 
5 categories of in-stay options - ultra luxurious suite rooms, spacious deluxe rooms, comfortable single rooms, easy-on-pocket shared rooms, and a general ward, all with attached lounges for caregivers’ comfort. Read more..

Endoscopy Procedure Room 
A dedicated Endoscopy Procedure Room equipped with best-in-class endoscopy imaging equipment that enables the patient to see live visuals of the procedure. Read more..

Preparation Room 
A well-equipped Preparation Room manned by experienced nurses to monitor patients’ vitals and administer prescribed drugs for moving into surgery. Read more..

Radiology Department 
One of India’s best-equipped Radiology Centres to offer all ENT-related diagnostics under one roof, right inside the hospital campus. Read more..

Audiology (Hearing Test) Department 
A full-fledged Audiology Department featuring sound treated cabins with automated audiometry for best-in-class hearing testing, also equipped to assess newborn hearing. Read more..

Hearing Aid Centre 
A Hearing Aid Centre that offers a wide range of digital hearing aids and professional guidance towards their usage. Read more..

Sleep Lab (Level 1 PSG) 
A Sleep Lab equipped with 24-channel Polysomnography to undertake level 1 PSG investigation, the gold standard test for diagnosing sleep disorders. Read more..

Visiting Cardiologists & Physicians
Visiting cardiologists and physicians to take care of your pre-operative needs within hospital premises.  Read more..

An in-house and full-fledged laboratory to undertake all blood and urine investigations at one place. Read more..

Hyderabad’s largest ENT-dedicated pharmacy to dispense all medicines prescribed by our doctors. Read more..

Insurance Department
A dedicated Insurance Department to provide hands-on and courteous administrative assistance vis-a-vis your health assurance plan. Read more..

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