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Our Super specialities

ENT as a medical speciality encompasses treating all ailments pertaining to ear, nose and throat. As the location of ear, nose and throat is so close to the brain, modern ENT overlaps with some neurological functions as well.

Under ENT, there are many more super specialities that cover the various advanced niches of ENT. As a cutting edge ENT hospital that’s the best in Hyderabad and among the best in India, we know that various ENT niches require super specialist treatments. For example, the expertise needed to tackle an sleep apnoea condition is different from that required for treating a brain fluid leakage through the nose.

That’s why, at Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality International Hospital, we offer super specialized departments powered by super-specialist ENT physicians and surgeons that are further backed by world class, hi-tech surgical equipment and diagnostic gadgets and trained paramedics to manage your ENT disease with maximum expertise.

Please take a look at our various super specialities that cover the entire spectrum of ENT known to the medical science.

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