Lumenis AcuPulse DUO with complete ENT accessories (USA) | Best ENT Specialist in India

Lumenis AcuPulse DUO with complete ENT accessories (USA)

•  The latest and best laser for ENT care

•  A state-of-the-art laser system combining fibre and free beam laser technologies in one single device.

•  Allows surgeons to achieve improved clinical outcomes by enabling seamless switching between alternative modalities.

•  Durable and efficient CO2 fibres transmit an aiming beam enabling superior precision in tough-to-reach and contoured anatomical areas.

•  Free beam laser energy relayed through via accessories such as the Digital AcuBlade™ scanning micromanipulator allows virtually char-free margins for better results.

•  Equipped with SurgiTouch™ software to enable precision automated microsurgery with user-defined control over shaped cutting, ablation area, penetration depth, and unique power delivery modes.

•  Customised beam delivery for superior clinical results and improved patient safety.

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