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All practicing and resident otolaryngologists can find these workshops useful. these workshops are more concentrated on the basics, so the young surgeons might find it more useful than the seasoned surgeons.

Should i bring my own equipment to the workshop?

You will be provided with all the instrumentation required for performing procedures on the workshop. lab coats, caps, masks and surgical gloves will also be given.

Can i get access to advanced instrumentation(debrider, navigation system etc.) while performing cadaver dissection during the workshop?

We can arrange them for you if you inform us in advance but you will have to pay extra for them. please mail us for more details

How many temporal bones/cadaver bodies are given for each delegate during hands on dissection?

Each delegate is given 1 temporal bone for TBD and 1 side of the body for FESS.

Can i get access to more temporal bones/bodies if i am interested?

It is subject to availability. please contact us in advance if you are interested to avoid disappointment.

Will i get some kind of study materials/multimedia after the workshop?

Subject to its availability, you can purchase them at the workshop

How can i register for the workshop?

Please visit this page and enter the details and register for the workshop

When is the right time to register for the workshop?

Usually the seats for the upcoming workshop get filled up 2-3 months in advance. we strongly suggest to register as soon as the dates are announced. all the seats are filled up on first come first serve basis.

How can i know about the upcoming events/workshops at HERF?

Please subscribe to the newsletter here, you will be among the first ones to know about the workshop and don’t worry we wouldn’t spam you

I am a resident, do i need to provide any proof to avail the discounted price?

Yes, you need to submit a bonafide certificate signed by your HOD/ medical superintendent stating the same.

I am a foreigner, i would like to visit HERF for workshop, can you help me for the visa?

We would love to help you. we could send an invitation letter to you which you can use for obtaining a visa at Indian embassy

I am very new to Hyderabad, could you please arrange accommodation for me?

As of now, there is no in house accommodation, but there are many budget hotels as well as 5 star hotels. we can certainly help you with reservations. please visit here for more details

Where can i go during my visit to hyderabad?

Hyderabad is a very beautiful place filled with a number of historic places like charminar, golconda fort etc. which exemplify the indian heritage. it is very colorful and we can assure that you will enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the Hyderabadis

What is Hyderabad specially known for?

It is known as “city of pearls”, as you get some of the best quality pearls here. it is also known for the “Hyderabadi dum biryani”, a very well known dish prepared by secret chefs. there are a number of must visit places like Charminar, Golconda fort, Salarjung museum etc. the night life is amazing and not to be discounted.

How can i confirm my participation in the workshop?

An email and SMS(only for delegates from within India) will be sent immediately after receiving the payment. if you do not receive confirmation, please call us at +91-9849085060

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