Otology and Neurotology


What this speciality deals with

Diseases of the external, middle and inner ears, diseases affecting neural connections between the ear and the brain

Common diseases treated under this speciality

Ear pain, ear discharge, hearing loss, tumours affecting the ear

Facilities available

  • Medical and surgical treatments of all ear-related and ear-to-brain neural conditions

  • Detailed examination of the miniscule ear cavity using microscope, endoscope and high resolution CT scan to access and assess areas not visible to direct eye

  • Audiological and vestibular testing to qualitatively and quantitatively assess hearing and balance functions

  • The latest VHIT technology (video head impulse testing) to locate lesions in  dizziness patients

  • Microscopic ear surgeries in state of the art, laminar flow operation theatres

  • Audiologists and rehabilitation experts to help hearing loss patients enjoy sounds 

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